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High quality 100 GPD Booster Pump , TFC 1812-80 GPD Imported Membrane , UF Filter, & Mineral Alkaline technology in side. ABS Food Grade Plastic Cabinet.

Discover the ultimate solution to hard water problems with Ultratec Water Softener. Say goodbye to lime scale buildup and enjoy the benefits .

Reverse osmosis Systems with Booster Pumps are traditional in design with Good Quality filter housings and a pressure tank.

Experience the convenience of clean, purified water throughout your home with Ultratec’s Whole House Water Filtration System. Say goodbye to impurities

The best quality anti hair fall / anti dandruff shower filters. The anti hair loss shower filter reduce hair loss, makes hair stronger, shiny and silky.

A water ionizer which claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to divide the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components.

What Our Client’s Say

One of the best water purification and water filtration company in UAE with in-house production capacity and customized solutions tailored to specific requirements make them unique. Apart from their capabilities and capacities the best part is their competitive pricing and after sales services. Definitely recommend this company for healthy living.

WajhuAllah Arif Hussain

Its really nice meeting Mr.Habib and his facility in DIP dubai and the way he explained about the water treatment and its benefits are really helpful to understand the need of high ph level intake in our daily lives to have good health.May Allah give him more success with health Aameen summa Aameen

Mohammad SAQIB

high quality and best prices of all water filters , purifiers the best quality water softeners , water ionizer, De-ionizers , Aquarium DI filters, Industrial and commercial RO plants, ground water ro plants, Sea water and brackish water RO plants.

Doris Ada Orji

We were facing a critical problem of Legionella bacteria in our underground water tank. We came across to Ultra Tec water Treatment company in Dubai for the solution.They recommended and supplied Copper silver ionizer for disinfection process, to control Legionella, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' disease. There is a strong evidence of complete control in the lab repot after treating water with this technique.

Sofiane Haddadi

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