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The activated carbon filter cartridge is produced using premium shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, along with food-grade binders. It undergoes advanced processing techniques utilizing high technology.

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The activated carbon cartridges, consisting of top-notch shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon with food-grade binders, undergo specialized processing techniques utilizing advanced technology. Ultra Tec provides a broad selection of filter cartridges made from premium activated carbon, allowing our clients to choose the product that suits their needs.
Activated Carbon Cartridges Information Activated carbon, a porous substance with powerful physical adsorption capabilities, possesses any material’s most significant volume of adsorbing porosity. Carbonization and activation processes can transform carbon-rich materials, such as coal, wood, bamboo, and coconut shells, into activated carbon.
Activated carbon filters are widely utilized in industrial processes and daily use due to their highly effective ability to eliminate odours, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC), colours, tastes, and other impurities from fluids.
At Furbicle, you can purchase remanufactured and recycled carbon filters for your pool, spa, and air purifier. Obtain a fantastic deal on these filters.
Water Treatment UAE provides top-quality filter cartridges at affordable prices with prompt shipping. These cartridges remove chlorine, phthalate, trihalomethanes, benzene, THM, and heavy metals from your aquarium water.


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