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Ultra Tec discovered top-rated alkaline RO dispensers and filters on Amazon, featuring a reverse osmosis filter with alkaline remineralization and faucet-mounted filters for alkaline water, as reviewed by customers.

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An Alkaline RO Dispenser is a great way to ensure that you have healthy drinking water at your office or home. At Ultra Tec, we offer some of the world’s purest machines on the market today, making it easy for you to get the benefits of alkaline water.
If you want to improve your health and wellness, alkaline water is a great place to start. The pH level of water can vary depending on its source, and many experts believe that natural spring water has an acidic pH. However, by drinking alkaline water, you can help neutralize the acid in your bloodstream, increasing oxygen levels and boosting energy and metabolism.
While clinical research has not validated all of the benefits of alkaline water, many people find that it helps them feel better and more hydrated throughout the day. And with an Alkaline RO Dispenser from Ultra Tec, you can easily access healthy alkaline water whenever needed.
Our dispenser features a 50 GPD/TFC membrane, a 5-micron sediment filter, two GAC in-line filters, a post-carbon in-line filter, and an in-line Alkaline Filter from Purepro made in the USA. It’s fully assembled and has all the necessary hardware, including an automatic tank complete control and a booster pump for the CWC-929P model.
In terms of specifications, our dispensers are capable of producing 50/75/100 GPD and can operate with input in AC 110Volt, 220Volt, or 240Volt (50/60Hz). The operation feed water pressure is 50 psi.
In addition to the dispenser, we also offer a cooler with a built-in 6-stage RO system and a 2.5-gallon capacity reservoir. It features microprocessor control, easy access to all the rules and filter cartridges, independent Hot/Cold power switches, re-heating up to 100°C, and tri-temp room, cold, and hot water supply. The cooler also has an automatic heating shut-off when the hot tank is empty.
Investing in an Alkaline RO Dispenser and a more relaxed Ultra Tec is an intelligent way to ensure you always have access to healthy drinking water.


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