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Pentair Dosing Pump

Ensure precise and reliable chemical dosing with Ultratec’s Pentair Dosing Pump. Engineered by industry leader Pentair, our pump offers accurate and customizable dosing for water treatment and industrial processes. Experience advanced control and durable performance with our precision dosing solution.

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 Ultratec Water Treatment Comapny Uae proudly presents the Pentair Dosing Pump, a precision-engineered solution for accurate and controlled chemical dosing in various water treatment applications. Manufactured by Pentair, a trusted name in fluid management technology, our dosing pump ensures precise chemical injection, maintaining water quality and process efficiency with utmost reliability.


  1. Accurate Dosing: Our Pentair Dosing Pump offers precise and consistent chemical dosing, ensuring optimal treatment levels for water purification and other processes.
  2. Advanced Control: Equipped with sophisticated control mechanisms, our dosing pump allows for customizable dosing rates, schedules, and proportional dosing.
  3. Versatile Applications: From water treatment plants to industrial processes, our dosing pump caters to a wide range of applications requiring accurate chemical injection.
  4. Durable Build: Crafted with high-quality materials, our dosing pump is designed for durability, ensuring reliable operation and minimal maintenance.
  5. User-Friendly Design: The user-friendly interface and straightforward setup make our Pentair Dosing Pump accessible for professionals and operators alike.

How to Use:

  1. Installation: Install the Pentair Dosing Pump according to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring proper connections and placement within your chemical dosing system.
  2. Calibration: Calibrate the dosing pump based on your specific requirements, adjusting dosing rates and settings as needed.
  3. Monitoring: Regularly monitor the dosing pump’s performance, chemical levels, and rates to ensure accurate and consistent dosing.
  4. Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance tasks as outlined by the manufacturer to ensure continued accuracy and reliability of dosing.


Q1. What makes Pentair dosing pumps reliable? 

Answer: Pentair’s reputation for precision engineering, advanced technology, and rigorous testing ensures that our Pentair Dosing Pump delivers accurate and reliable chemical dosing.

Q2. Is the dosing pump suitable for various chemical types?

Answer: Our dosing pump is designed for versatility, allowing accurate dosing of various chemicals used in water treatment and other processes.

Q3. Can the pump be customized for specific dosing requirements? 

Answer: Yes, our Pentair Dosing Pump offers advanced control options, enabling customization of dosing rates, schedules, and proportional dosing.

Q4. How often should the dosing pump be calibrated? 

Answer: Calibration frequency depends on chemical type, dosing rate, and system requirements. Regular calibration ensures accurate dosing.

Q5. Does the dosing pump offer remote monitoring capabilities? 

Answer: Depending on the model, our dosing pump may offer remote monitoring and control features, allowing operators to manage dosing remotely.


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